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Re: [TCML] LTR/STR and spark length "dimmers"

     Okay, a dimmer might possibly work, but probably not (reliably 
anyway).  It depends largely on the strength of your coil.  I have run a 
dimmer controlled ARSG on my 3-in coil with no problems (7nf tank cap).  
The exact same gap on my larger coil (81nf tank cap), will shut down the 
motor as soon as it is turned on (I actually observed this behavior 
without the cap connected, this tells me the RMS current of the MOTs was 
enough to mess with it).  Others have reported using a dimmer causes the 
motor to run full blast (it has something to do with the tiny coil 
inside of the dimmer switch I believe).  You can avoid the possibility 
of any problems, by using a variac (or in this case, I would still try a 
baffle if full blast is not performing very well).  Personally I'd save 
the variac for another, more important project, and go with the baffle 
or nothing.  Good luck, let us know how it goes.

Scott Bogard.

neal@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hi Scott,
> You think a dimmer wouldn't work properly even on a cooling fan? I do have a
> smaller (5 amp)variac that I could use, but like previously suggested, I may
> not adjust the flow at all. If I had to, I could go the baffle route. I've
> heard this before about dimmer switches. What is the problem with them, in
> relation to coils? Thanks for your help,
> Neal.
> Quoting Scott Bogard :
>> Neal,
>>      Never use a dimmer with anything coil related, it will not work
>> properly.  Many of us have been down this road, it never ends well.
>> Either buy a variac, or in this circumstance I would suggest that you
>> just build a baffle like Bart said.  It can be as simple as a piece of
>> cardboard taped to the back or your fan covering it partly.  Best of luck!
>> Scott Bogard.
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