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[TCML] Arizona Western Winter Teslathon

On behalf of the Arizona Tesla Coil Builder's; Dr. Jeff, Dr. Spark and
myself, I wish to thank all who came from near and far to enjoy this
weekend's Winter Western Teslathon. A fantastic time was had by all.
Special thank's to Chef Jim for the southern style BBQ. 

Dr. Spark's killer solid state coils were an insane hit with the midi
controlled Audiotesla Tesla Coil Controller. Dr. Spark's coils were also
driven with a live musical jam session running several coils at once. Wow,
what a sensation!

A slide show of some of the events is being prepared by Chris as we speak.
Some movie clips will be available soon also. I will publish the links as
they become available.

Again, thanks to the Tesla Coil community for making the 3rd annual Western
Winter Teslathon a success!

Dr Hankenstein 

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