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Re: [TCML] RF Ground and Brass

Hey All,

if one plans to use a heavy cable to RF ground the secondary, the choice I made was to use the wire from a pair of jumper cables ( automotive battery type). They are flexible, about 12' in length ( you can use both for 24') and easily found in just about all automotive stores. If you have access to a welding store, then consider the "whip lead" for welding purposes. Not as thick as welding cable, very flexible but pricey.

Scot D

bartb wrote:

Hi Scott,

I've never liked battery cables as they are not very flexible (you almost have to mold them into position). With all cables, the higher the strands per awg size, the more flexible the cable is (unless the outer sheath is of a hard jacket). The battery cable will do fine, but you may want to find something more flexible. I use 6 awg because I had it on hand to use. However, something smaller is fine. As Greg mentioned, keep lengths from base to RF ground short. If it goes 1 meter or more, I personally would recommend something in the range of 12 awg. My 6 awg is overboard for what is actually needed. There's nothing wrong with going oversize if that is what you have on hand.

Take care,

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