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Re: Strange Blue Glows Re: [TCML] Energy accumulation on TC.

I tried a 250w HPS mogul base bulb on top of my coil. The translucent "inner" tube glowed a bright bluish/purplish while running, but I didn't see any after effects. Not to say it's not possible, since I didn't push it too hard for too long. It's one thing to have to wear earplugs, but I don't want to start wearing a face shield and kevlar :) I haven't had a bulb implode/explode yet, nor do I want to. Speaking of clear, mogul base incandescents, I think I may have a few more clear bulbs if anyone's really interested. These bulbs are definitely "vintage", the rating stamped on them is 327w 125v (mogul base). Always makes me think of the old Camaro I used to have, (327 cid). Contact me off list if you want to get one, I'll look around work on Monday to see how many I still have, besides the one on my bench.


First, it looks like Phil used a Sodium vapor lamp, HPS (High Pressure Sodium), which you cannot compare with a regular lamp in this case. The arcs would have ionized the sodium vapor to cause the residual glow and also would cause different effects compared to a "regular" lamp.

Modern light bulbs are usually back filled with trace amounts of Krypton. This serves a couple purposes, it makes the lamp last longer and gives a brighter light. If you can find a large diameter clear light bulb, a 4" decorator, or a 200-300 W Mogul, both of which are almost impossible to find, you can make a nice plasma type display with a small TC or flyback circuit. Because these lamps are back filled, it is very hard to get X rays out of them.

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