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Re: [TCML] pole pig question ###

Hi Scot,

I've been bit a couple of times by unconnected secondaries during thunderstorms. A close strike can sometimes resonate the coil, and give you a jolt. Also, static can build up on the secondary insulation, and can give a healthy jolt. After I disconnect power, I place my hand on the toroid and wipe the secondary down with the other hand. You would be surprized at the amount of static that can build up sometimes.

David E Weiss

I understand why a disconnected cap system can still bite you, but the unconnected secondary sitting on the workbench or the secondary coil which has been disconnected from the system for several seconds and in transit to the work bench still has the ability to leave your leg totally useless has got me wondering...
Hi Voltage does some wierd things...

Scot D

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