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[TCML] Variable Pitch Tesla Coil Secondaries

Hey All,
I did some posts in the past regarding threaded coil forms, which make for sturdy and accurate Tesla Coil secondaries.I'm resurrecting this concept for some new coils this year.
The threaded forms work well if you have a lathe.  Its much easier than trying to use thread or fishing line as a separator between windings, and looks nice in the end too. 
The variable pitch coil is a strange design that mimicks a conical coil to some extent.   The windings have more resistance at the lower end of the coil and less resistance as the voltage increases at the top of the coil.  Neither type is easy to wind, as this requires changing gears on the lathe while the tool is cutting its path - and only one chance to get the correct depth of the cut.  
Jeff Behary
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