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[TCML] Bipolar Tesla Coil where the discharges repel each other...

Hey All,
Back after a long break from emails...still up to the old tricks of strange experiments.Got a new email address for Tesla list posts.  2008... Here goes:
I read once in a book by Guilleminot that bipolar coils can be wound to produce the same sign discharge at each pole which would actually repel each other rather than spark to each other.  I didn't believe it 100%.  It makes sense in a strange way, but for some reason not regarding Tesla Coils.  Those discharges don't avoid anything!   I mean we're talking sparks, not magnets!  I was wrong.  They do repel.  Its kind of neat!  For once I used traditional style cylindrical coils instead of pancakes.  
Part two of Guilleminot's observation is that an object placed between the coils will pour out effluves towards each...this is also true, and very interesting to experience if the object is your hand (espescially, and safer, if your hand is holding a pointed metal rod)!  Of course with any coil if you approach it beyond the sparking distance you'll start to see effluves coming out of your fingertips or metal rod...  But with two coils on either side this effect is really greatly enhanced, and when tuned properly your hand  (or any object suspended between the terminals) can be made to give a more impressive discharge than either coil!  But the moment the object gets too close to the coils, crashing sparks will rush from both coils to complete the circuit...best if at that time the object isn't your hand.
Its completely strange, logical in a strange sense, pointless, and enough of surprise to fuel some more strange experiments.
As seen from the photos, when the wires are widely separated, the brush pours from the end of the wire.  When the wires are approached, the brush moves backward anywhere to avoid the other brush.   Yet, you can connect both coils's secondaries in parallel and get a different spark all together.  Also, its interesting to note that as in traditional bipolar coils where the coils have opposite signs, if you approach and ground one terminal of the coil the voltage and brush increases on the other coil...
It would be cool to try this with two large Oudin Coils and a few kilowatts...
Jeff Behary
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