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Re: [TCML] PC boards

Hi Scott,

Something like a simple driver board is fine for etching. It's certainly the lowest cost solution for a 1 off board. For drivers, it's typically a bus voltage, output from the drivers, and the gate for the driver. One recommendation I would make is to simply etch out the areas between traces (don't etch out huge areas for a specific trace width). The areas between each net is simply an etched-out trace to disconnect each net. This really reduces the copper that needs to be removed and speeds up etching time.

Back when I did etch boards (I use board houses these days), I simply covered the copper clad with good masking tape (wide tape), pencil in the traces between nets, used a razor blade to cut along the lines, removed the tape, and soaked the board in etching solution. Worked great and is simple to do.

Take care,

Scott Bogard wrote:
I am just building some simple flyback drivers, and I am sick of the mess of soldering bare wires directly to dangling diodes and transistor leads, and I want something more permanent than a chunk of breadboard. Since it doesn't have to be perfect I don't need an incredibly steady hand (plus I have a little sister with lots of nail polish experience). I planned on drilling the holes and inserting the components before I drew the trails to make sure everything goes where it is supposed to. Thanks for your help guys.

Scott Bogard.

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