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Re: [TCML] PC boards

Hy Scott,

Radio Shack used to sell a packet of rub on transfers for PC boards, comes with lines, curves, pads, etc. You apply the rub-onz and then soak board in the etchant. Be sure to drill all holes before applying the rub-onz.

another thought ( not tried) is automotive pin striping tape..... lots of widths and pretty colors too :)

Scot D

Scott Bogard wrote:

Hey all,
A tiny bit off topic but still useful for some of us to know, I have come across a need to make a printed circuit board, my research tells me that I need a program to make a design, and then I need to print it on a transparent sheet, and use a iron to adhere the image and.... This is too complicated, the board will have like 5 or 6 parts, can I just "draw" the paths I want by hand with something like fingernail polish (or a sharpie marker), on a copper clad board, and etch the copper away with ferric chloride? That would be ideal. You may respond off list if you so desire.

Scott Bogard.

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