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Re: [TCML] homemade transformer

what was the size of the primary and secondary wire?
  as i have a real nice 3 phase transformer core that would be perfect for some experimenting.

Christoph Bohr <cb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
  Hello Godfrey.

> How did you get the third leg out of the core of a three phase
> transformer. Maybe you used one transformer from a three phase bank of
> three single phase transformers.
This was a true 3 phase transformer that came from a Siemens variable frequency
Luckily the core consisted of 5 pieces that were pressed together by means of 4
rods and was heavily soacked with cast resin, so removing the center leg was simple.
I am not sure how easily it would be to saw one leg off if it was a normal IE core,
would have to
be a pretty clean cut to avoid eddy currents.

> I really like those big square
> cores...lots of work area room.

Winding was pretty simple, I took the outer leg and just wound directly onto the
core, no
bobbin was used and the inner end of the winding connects directly to the core, so
are no insulation problems. Probably it would have been better if I wound directly on
leg with the primary on it... but hard to change now.. ;-)
The xformer is kind of lossy, but not too bad, and it limits itself to around 5KVA.
Not perfect trensformer design, but still useable and pretty much perfect for TC use.
It's about two years old now and saw quite some service without problems.


Christoph Bohr

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