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RE: [TCML] homemade transformer

To all.

I do stand corrected ,there is not much to it, if you have the skills and
intelligence of a person like Finn. There are people on this list that take
"building" things to a higher level. It would be more than I would want to
attempt, I like to make things but I do not take it to that level. Some of
the coils get to be "art" in comparison to my attempts. Terry's fire
breathing dragons is one of the best.

Rich , in the Middle of Missouri 

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At 50Hz, there`s not much to it:


Cheers, Finn Hammer

Clive Hansen skrev:
> Hello all,
>    Has anybody tried building their own transformer to drive a coil. It 
> seems simple enough, yet I've never heard about it. If not, does anybody 
> know why this is not commonly done. Tesla wound his own transformers and 
> his coils outperformed most of ours.
> -Clive

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