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Re: [TCML] homemade transformer

Hey Clive,

I tried it once. Once was enough to show me that what I thought was going to be an easy thing to do was an expensive lesson in that I didnt know poop about transformers.
A few things to consider even before you buy/obtain materials...
Core Material, Cores size, ampreage rating in and out, voltage rating in and out, insulating properties, wire size both primary and secondary, hysteresis, eddy currents, flux fields, gauss lines, Teslas( magnetic strength) and your ability to do upper level math :)

its not that easy, thats why Electical Engineers design these things.
plus its easier and quicker to buy a piggie or NST or salvage MOTS

but if you have the time, resources and patience to take on a project of this type Im sure we would all like to hear from you and the progrees you make in your endevors.

Scot D

Clive Hansen wrote:

Hello all,
Has anybody tried building their own transformer to drive a coil. It seems simple enough, yet I've never heard about it. If not, does anybody know why this is not commonly done. Tesla wound his own transformers and his coils outperformed most of ours.


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