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Re: [TCML] What's in a name

I think that you would need to look at the overall demographics of coilers. Age
would certainly be factor - I guess most people would be in the age range of
30-50. If this was the case the most popular names given to babies in the 50s,
60s and 70s would be more relevant. Social background could also be important -
there is a very interesting analysis of names and social background in Steven
Levitt's book Freakonomics (http://www.freakonomicsbook.com/). IIRC, David was
quite high on the list of names given by parents with a relativley high level
of education.
Just a thought.


Quoting Mddeming@xxxxxxx:

Hi All,

A Bit of late night trivia:

Anyone want to venture a theory as to why people named  David seem to be
disproportionately attracted to building Tesla coils? According to the US Census
bureau, the name David is the #6 most popular  name in the general male
population, occurring slightly less than 2.4% of  the time. Among the active
coilers on the list it is #1 at almost 8.5%. Nationwide, James is #1 at just over 3.33% and #2 on the list at just under 4.5%, statistically close enough to be

Yours in insomnia,

Matt D.

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