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Re: [TCML] Tuning idea

hello all,

would it not be possable to make a jig to cut out 50 1'
diameter semicurcular plates then assemble half onto an
alumimiun shaft spaced with washers, and fix the other half
to a sheet of al, then put every thing into oil on an
acrylic frame...


	Yes, anything's possible.  If the plate spacing was a half inch, about the minimum I'd suggest, the thing would get pretty big; haven't tried to calculate how much capacitance that would be.  I have a big oil-insulated variable capacitor with a total capacitance of about 0.1 ufd.  It's made up of 8 air variables geared together to work with a common know and in a plexiglas tank almost 1 foot on the side.  The breakdown voltage is around 3 kv so it won't work with a big coil but when I tried it with a small coil I have I couldn't find any difference in the ease of tuning compared to just changing primary taps.


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