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Re: [TCML] list traffic

Hi Adam,
I use yahoo.com as my main email for the Tesla list as well. When the list converted over to the new format most of the Tesla list went to bulk folder (spam folder in the new beta version) as well. The only exceptions were a few friends whom I had in the address list (contacts folder in the new beta version).

That gave me the idea that yahoo searches the address/contacts list to assign email as inbox or bulk/spam. So I went into the address/contacts folder and created a new contact. First name as [TCML] and last name as Tesla. I saved this address/contact and voila, from then on the Tesla list emails went into the inbox.

Note that while I am online checking emails to Tesla list will go into bulk, so you may find a few Tesla list emails still going into bulk/spam so check that folder after reviewing the Tesla list emails. Hope this helps.

Bob Wroblewski
Dracut, MA

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I noticed the same thing. I also have noticed that I
cannot train Yahoo!Mail that list mail isn't SPAM.
Even my own posts that I send to the list, go into the
Bulk mail folder.

Although if you've been on the list for awhile, you'll
recall that it always dies way down during the
holidays. In the past, it got so bad that it appeared
previous moderators loosened the OT rules a bit, just
to keep things going.


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