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Re: [TCML] list traffic

I noticed the same thing. I also have noticed that I
cannot train Yahoo!Mail that list mail isn't SPAM.
Even my own posts that I send to the list, go into the
Bulk mail folder.

Although if you've been on the list for awhile, you'll
recall that it always dies way down during the
holidays. In the past, it got so bad that it appeared
previous moderators loosened the OT rules a bit, just
to keep things going.


--- mark olson <kc5gym@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> hello out there......
> is it just me or has list mail died to 5 or 6
> messages a day??
> seriously, I got more comments about other things in
> the shop than I did 
> the coil.
> coil scored zero.
> I'm not begging for feedback, just wondering if
> there is a mail issue.
> these messages leave me baffled.
> Subject: RE: [TCML] To Scott Hanson
> Subject: [TCML] Re: Distribution transformer manual
> (fwd)
> Subject: [TCML] To Scott Hanson
> I got a couple of list messages off of another box
> on the lan, but nothing 
> to account for sudden loss of traffic
> thanks
> Marko
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