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Re: [TCML] list traffic

Hi Marko,
    I think the problem is a combination of weather of  the past week and the 
various winter solstice celebrations, which tend to  send year-end 
productivity right down the crapper, especially when they occur  mid-week.
Matt D.
In a message dated 1/5/08 7:49:28 A.M. Eastern Standard Time,  kc5gym@xxxxxxx 

hello  out there......

is it just me or has list mail died to 5 or 6 messages  a day??

seriously, I got more comments about other things in the shop  than I did 
the coil.
coil scored zero.

I'm not begging for  feedback, just wondering if there is a mail issue.

these messages leave  me baffled.

Subject: RE: [TCML] To Scott Hanson
Subject: [TCML] Re:  Distribution transformer manual (fwd)
Subject: [TCML] To Scott  Hanson

I got a couple of list messages off of another box on the lan,  but nothing 
to account for sudden loss of  traffic


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