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Re: [TCML] Terry Filter

Jim -

I had wondered about the inductance of large wire-wound resistors when used in a Fritz Filter, and initially tried to find some non-inductive resistors (monolythic "Carborundom" style) when I was building my filter for my 15/120 system. However, I was never successful in finding any surplus non-inductive resistors with a value anywhere around 1K ohms, so in the end I h=just used conventional wire-wound power resistors.

In answer to your question, I measured the inductance of several 1K ohm wire-wound resistors that I had laying around (I could not locate my Fritz Filter with its 1K ohm/100 watt resistors).

1K ohm 225W 9-1/4" long X 1-1/8" dia 160 micro-henries

1K ohn 55W 3-1/4" long

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I am curious, has anyone ever measured the inductance of a 1K 100w Ohmite
resistor? I don't know if they are inductive canceling. The two inch spark I
got while adjusting my unloaded Terry Filter is still a mystery. The gaps
were 1/8" each at the time and the center was grounded to the neon and

I am thinking reverse RMF from ramping up the variac too fast???


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