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Re: [TCML] Terry filters

As far as using a Terry filter, I myself had never a reason to use one. But than again, the power level and voltage supplied to the primary coil is far above the averge voltage which most people use in thier systems. My main concerns are primary over voltages which lead to arcing between primary turns and arcing from the primary to the base of the secondary. I considered a Terry filter, but due to the hi voltage output of the transfomer I am using, a Terry filter would have to be "impressive" to handle the system I am running. If I were to design and use a system which included a lower voltage transformer ( less than 18KV) I would seriously consider a Terry filter to protect the hi volt Xformer and caps. If you think about it, is there anyone out there using a "TerryFilter" on a coil that works above 240VAC @ 60amps+ into the hi volt transformer? We are thinking 14,400 to 32,000 V input into the primary....

If you ( the general public?) are exceeding 12KV on primary input and are utilizing a Terry Filter, does it really save the system you are running?
I  would like to hear your beliefs, ideas, or conceptions.

Scot D

resonance@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Yes.  Due to high 26 kVA power level we used 12 AWG wire.  At 5-10 kVA
power level a good 16 or 18 AWG PVC covered wire is fine.   A bit of
resistance in using the smaller dia wire is good too as it adds a small
amount of resistance which further squishes the transients.

Dr. Resonance

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