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frequently asked questions. (fwd)

Sigh... "Belling the cat" comes to mind.  If someone would like to do this
I'd really love to put this on the website.


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Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2007 22:29:19 -0400
From: Scott Bogard <teslas-intern@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To: tesla@xxxxxxxxxx
Subject: frequently asked questions.

Hey everybody.
     Here is an idea I've been rolling around in my head, I'm fairly new to 
the list, but I have already seen several people ask some of the very same 
questions I've asked (as a beginner to coiling).  I think Somebody should 
put together a frequently asked questions page including but not limited to:
Where to get basic supplies (Lowe's, allied electronics, eBay, all the 
common sources, Resonance Labs would be included on this list, as they sell 
most everything).
Beginners technical questions (how a coil works, parallel vs series tank 
cap, top load size, generally accepted construction techniques, MMC ratings, 
Formulas, How do I phase my rotary gap, How do I synchronize my motor, 
common reasons why your coil just hums and does nothing else when turned on, 
(how to build a MOT ballast, I've seen this one twice since I've been here) 
An extensive list of really good examples of TC web pages (like Gary Lau, 
Tesla Downunder, Richie Burnett, etc).
A list of good design programs and where to find them (JavaTC etc)
Obviously a safety briefing (although most good websites have one of these, 
I think it would still be a good idea)
     A great deal of this page could be spliced together paragraphs straight 
from the archives, and provide the beginner with a neat orderly "road map to 
success".  This would reduce the amount of questions that are asked all the 
time (not that that is necessarily a bad thing, as we need something to talk 
about when everybody is in a creative slump!), and as we find other 
frequently asked questions, we can add them, and their answers to the list, 
and tell our newbies to read the FAQ and then ask us questions.  I'm sure 
there is something like this out there, written by one person or a few 
people, but wouldn't it be neat to have one from all our collective 
knowledge?  Just a thought.
Scott Bogard.