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Twin SSTC (fwd)

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Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2007 11:52:04 -0600
From: S&JY <youngs@xxxxxxxxx>
To: Tesla List <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Twin SSTC

Greg Leyh recently demonstrated his large twin SSTC at the Make Fair, or
whatever it was called.  What was unique was that it was really two
phase-locked SSTCs, each with its own power driver.  This allowed
elimination of a transmission line to connect the two primaries in series.
Instead, I presume he controlled the drivers with a pair of fiber optic
links from a master oscillator in his control box.  He also had the ability
to vary the phase relationship between the two coils, which could make for
interesting effects.  His power drivers apparently are something beyond
DRSSTCs in that they can redirect unused energy back into the power supply
or supplies for better efficiency (I don't know if he uses a common power
supply, or one for each coil - I suspect the latter).


I would love to know more details.  My question is, would Greg or anyone
else knowing more details about Greg's setup be willing to share them with


Also, has anyone else built a twin DRSSTC setup using separate drivers for
each coil?  If so, would you please post some details?


Finally, I believe a twin TC driven with two SISGs, each triggered with the
same pulse ala Finn Hammer style, wouldn't work well because there would be
no way to phase lock the frequencies of the two coils.  Is that correct?
Or, if the resonant frequencies of the two coils were almost identical,
would they lock in phase via the streamer connecting the two toroids?


All comments will be appreciated.



--Steve Y.