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Re: top load smoothness (fwd)

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Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2007 18:03:46 EDT
From: FutureT@xxxxxxx
To: tesla@xxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: top load smoothness (fwd)

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Hey  guys,
Concerning the surface of top loads, does it make  any significant 
difference in overall performance whether the surface is  very smooth or not 
(ex. spun aluminum toroid vs. dryer duct toroid).   If one is going for 
absolute maximum spark length (for his budget) would  it be worth his while 
to cover his corrugated toroids with something like  wood putty or paper 
mache and cover it with aluminum tape, or just leave  it alone.  Thanks.
Scott Bogard.

For a given toroid size, a smooth one will give longer sparks.  But  usually
you can simply increase the size and get the same spark lengths using
a corrugated toroid.  For example by TT-42 coil gives 42" sparks  using
a 4" x 13" smooth spun toroid.  But I can install a 5.2" x 20"  corrugated
toroid, and obtain the same 42" spark length.  One problem with  corrugated
toroids is that they tend to give multiple sparks due to the rough  edges.
If you can limit the streamers to a single streamer, this usually  tends
to increase the spark length.  Generally it may help to smooth  the
corrugations somewhat.  This tends to be more important at low
breakrates I think.  In any case the difference won't be great either  way.

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