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VTTC from Eimac 8755 on eBay

Original poster: westland <westland@xxxxxx>

*I'd like some advice from the group on a VTTC ...

There is an Eimac 8755 RF Triode available on eBay, which seems to me would work well as the core of a reasonably powerful VTTC. 135 amplification, 3GHz max freq, Anode V 8Kv and Amp 7.5A ... apparently you can cool it with fluids, so it seems you could make a pretty powerful circuit with it. Would this be a good choice (with appropriate power source ... suggestions?) and John Freau's Staccato controller?

Here are the **Eimac 8755 specs*

*Amplification Factor (µ):* 135.0
*Anode Current (A):* Maximum 5.0
*Anode Voltage (kV):* Maximum 10
*Brand:* Eimac
*Cooling Method:* Forced Air
*Filament Current (mA):* 1,300
*Filament Voltage (V):* 6.300
*Frequency (MHz) Maximum:* 3,000
*Peak Anode Voltage (kV):* 8.000
*Peak Cathode Current (A):* 7.500
*Transconductance (µmhos):* 30
*Typical Anode Current (mA):* 1,000
*Typical Anode Voltage (V):* 1,750
*Typical Grid 1 Voltage (V):* -100
*Typical Power Out (W):* 650


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