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RE: I did some *real* vttc coiling...

Original poster: "Cameron B. Prince" <cplists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Brett,

> I had a taste of VTTC action, I have now disassembled
> that lashup and am focusing on nearing the completion
> of my 833A coil.  I have a 28 turn primary with a tap
> (added last night) on turn 20.  I will probably add
> several more, possibly placing a tap on every turn
> from around 18 to 28, something like what Cameron
> Prince has on his primary.  John Freau has imphasized
> how tuning, impedance matching, and overall efficiency
> are hard to predict and model on a vttc.  I now have
> personal experience with this dilema working with my
> own coils.  This looks to be potential for a lot of
> fun in the future.
> Today I received an RCA 833A socket for the filament
> pins.  You can look at a photo of it here:
> http://www.hot-streamer.com/brett/vttc/RCA_833_socket.jpg
> It looks a lot like Cameron's, but I believe his is a
> bit more convenient to mount.  Nevertheless I have a
> few ideas for this one.

Glad to hear of your progress... The sockets I'm using are E.F. Johnson and
are significantly different as they can be switched between vertical mount
and horizontal.

David Rieben uses RCA sockets like yours he picked up at the Huntsville, AL
hamfest he and I attended last year.

Keep up the good work,