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Re: TC radiates

Original poster: "Herwig Roscher" <herwig.roscher@xxxxxx>


Thank you very much for your quick and enlightening response.

> The base impedance is typically between 100 ohms and 1k ohms.
- This relatively high impedance explains some of the difficulties, I
am facing: I am driving a TC with a Class-E amplifier, needing a load
network consisting of a series tuned resonant circuit in series with
a load resistor. These 3 components are represented by the TC in my
design. Unfortunately I am having problems to match the output of the
amplifier to the TC. With your information I hope to come a little
bit closer to the optimum.

>    http://www.abelian.demon.co.uk/tmp/pad.gif
- This schematic is very helpful and I will try to find out the
impedance of my TC using your method.

Bye             Herwig

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