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Re: vttc_project_picture

Original poster: Brett Miller <brmtesla2@xxxxxxxxx>


Thanks for the reminder about the dimmer.  I am
already looking for a smaller variac to use for the
filament transformer.  My filament transformer is a
custom rewind of a MOT secondary.  Because I did not
want to have to splice in extra turns, I initially
wound the secondary for a few extra volts to make sure
I could meet the voltage requirement of a large array
of tubes.  Also, I wanted to have enough voltage to
ensure that the load of the filament would not drop
the voltage below the safe operating limits of the
tube.  Remember that this platform will probably be
used for a variety of tubes in my collection, not just
a stand alone 833A coil, so having a variable filament
supply will be advantageous for me in the near future.

For scale reference, you should look at Steve Ward's
site, under tube coils.  Choose his single 833A VTTC
project...it is what mine is modeled after.  My
secondary is 17" winding length of AWG 26 on a 3.5"
diameter former.  The primary and feedback coil form
is 6" dia sewer pipe.



--- Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Original poster: Skip Malley <skip@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Brett,
> I would like to second Gregs compliment on the photo
> and
> assembly.  Nice job so far.  I wouldn't use a dimmer
> on a filament
> transformer.  Dimmers don't like inductive loads.
> You really don't
> need a vairac on the transformer unless the voltage
> of your
> transformer is different from the required filament
> voltage.  They
> usually are only good for resistive loads like light
> bulbs.
> Just for the fun of it, next time you send photos,
> send one taken
> exactly from the side with a yard stick behind as a
> reference.  That
> might be useful for any potential VTTC builders like
> me.  I have an
> 833A and would be interested in seeing details.

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