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Re: synchronous motor

Original poster: "resonance" <resonance@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

No, it's not really --- takes about 8 seconds to bring it into sync. You run it at full speed, bring up the variac. If it's not in sync your sparks will be much shorter, so then just flip the motor switch off/on for 1/2 sec, and then bring up the variac again. After 1-2 tries it's in sync. Also, it does get into proper sync automatically usually 70% of the time --- only rarely do we have to use this procedure.

We usually just go with non-sync motors. If you use a standard 4 electrode RSG rotor, with a good Terry filter, keeping the pulse rate under (180 pps), it works fine. Our unit has been running for nearly 4 years in a museum, used 4 times a day x 6 days per week, on the same nst. We did use a new nst so it was in optimum condition prior to deployment. With nsts we use only a 4 pole rotor running at 1725 rpm on a 7 inch dia phenolic rotor (6 inch electr. center to center). 25% spark length gain over a standard copper pipe air gap.

Dr. Resonance

That sure sounds like a pain in the other side of your lap.....with all your resources, you don't have a vendor for easy-to-get rotory gap motors? If not, I'd go with the DC charging circuit design.