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Re: vttc_project_picture

Original poster: Skip Malley <skip@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I would like to second Gregs compliment on the photo and assembly. Nice job so far. I wouldn't use a dimmer on a filament transformer. Dimmers don't like inductive loads. You really don't need a vairac on the transformer unless the voltage of your transformer is different from the required filament voltage. They usually are only good for resistive loads like light bulbs.

Just for the fun of it, next time you send photos, send one taken exactly from the side with a yard stick behind as a reference. That might be useful for any potential VTTC builders like me. I have an 833A and would be interested in seeing details.

At 04:32 PM 1/28/2007, you wrote:

> Original poster: Brett Miller <brmtesla2@xxxxxxxxx>
> tube coilers,
> Here's a picture of my upcoming single 833a system
> basically in mockup form.  I basically just have to
> wait for a few things to arrive and then wire
> everything up and attach to my RF ground.  The 20a
> variac is ready and I will be using a second variac
> or
> maybe just a dimmer on the filament tranny.
> -Brett