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Re: spark gap noise suppression

Original poster: Frank <fxrays@xxxxxxxxxx>

Just by putting the gap in a wooden enclosure will help quite a bit. Make sure it is at least 1/2" thick and of either of a solid hard wood or a good dense particle board.
Plywood will work but it tends to de-laminae and starts buzzing.
You can line the inside of the box with some wonder board to help make it heat resistant.

At 02:32 PM 1/28/2007 -0700, you wrote:
Original poster: Mike <megavolts61@xxxxxxxxx>

It sure wouldn't hurt to muffle the gap, but the main sparks will still be quite noisy...at least in a bigger coil.

Has anyone ever tried to make things a little quieter when running your

I was looking at the muffler on my central vacuum unit and it has a
muffler that quiets the unit by about 50%.  Borrowing from that idea,
I was thinking about building a box lined with some type of foam with
openings on each end.  Any thoughts?

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