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3-1000Z coil (was Re: My VTTC fun begins...)

Original poster: "J. Aaron Holmes" <jaholmes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Ross Overstreet built a 3-1000Z coil, and also seems
to have the only (documented) example of using a
ceramic induction heating tube (3CX2500) in a VTTC:


His site suggests that the maximum plate voltage on
the 3-1000Z is 3000V, but that is not correct.  The
Eimac documentation does indeed have 6000V as the max
in a Class C grid-driven config, which I'm guessing is
a most appropriate rating to look at when designing a
VTTC.  I recently bought a 3-1000Z off eBay
(NOS...yippee!) and am hoping to build a tube coil
with it after first trying something a little smaller.

Unfortunately, Ross's 3-1000Z burned up.  Not clear
why, but low primary Q may have been a contributing
factor (if I'm computing it correctly from the numbers
on the web site).  Hopefully I can keep mine alive!

Best regards,
Aaron, N7OE

--- Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> An interesting tube to try is the 3-1000A (4-1000A?)
>  This has
> a plate voltage rating of 6kV I think.  It's a tube
> that I never
> tried yet.  I think someone on this list tried one
> but I can't
> remember the results.
> John