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Re: Your video tapes...

Original poster: Brett Miller <brmtesla2@xxxxxxxxx>

That post was meant to be to John Freau off list.
Sorry about that.


--- Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Original poster: Brett Miller <brmtesla2@xxxxxxxxx>
> John,
> I was wondering how many of your coiling research
> documentation video tapes were packed full of
> information pertaining to tube coiling?  I am sure
> you
> could direct me to the ones which would benefit me
> the
> most in my vttc efforts.  I am especially interested
> in all footage where you try tubes off the beaten
> path, ones you have never tried before and then
> proceed to document the tweaks and adjustments you
> had
> to make to get the coil sparking again.  I saw a
> post
> from a few years ago where you were able to plug in
> a
> single 813 to one of your vttc systems and manage 16
> inch sparks.  Remind me of the cost of duplication
> of
> your tapes and I will send you a money order (or
> PayPal) for the cost as soon as possible.  I realize
> that it could be time consuming to duplicate VHS
> tapes, so I understand whatever you see fit to
> charge,
> but I have always wanted to own some (or all) of
> your
> tapes.  Thanks.
> -Brett
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