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RE: vttc_project_picture

Original poster: "Dr. Spark" <azdrspark@xxxxxxx>

Good day,

The problem with bigger bottles is they have larger seals around the pins.
If the pins get to hot, the seals will fail. After a long run, my plate
heat sinks are warm. I could imagine hot they would be without the fins.
The grid pin really does not need a heat sink, but it looks cool and
ensures the seals never get hot.

You can get the heat sinks from RF Parts @

Also in the pictures below I have two sets of fans, one set blowing on the
base of the tube to keep the filaments pins cool and one set at the top to
keep the plate seals cool. This really helps those bottles live a happy




Dr Spark @ http://www.drspark.org

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Recently someone (Hoops?) posted pictures of an 833A setup which used
plate & grid caps to help dissipate heat from the tube.  It's a very good
idea - you should consider doing that instead of using the ceramic ones.
You should also use a fan to blow air at the 833A to further help with
--Steve Y.

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Original poster: Brett Miller <brmtesla2@xxxxxxxxx>

tube coilers,

Here's a picture of my upcoming single 833a system
basically in mockup form.  I basically just have to
wait for a few things to arrive and then wire
everything up and attach to my RF ground.  The 20a
variac is ready and I will be using a second variac or
maybe just a dimmer on the filament tranny.



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