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Re: Resonant cap?

Original poster: otmaskin5@xxxxxxx JT, there is called Deep Fried Neon which I've found very helpful in designing a coil and calculating what you want. I don't recall seeing this site discussed on this list & the other TC design softward is probably considerably more refined and accurate - I don't know - but the I have used the Deep Fried site & it seems to work for me. It is S-I-M-P-L-E & easy to use, which is why I have used it. I'm still a relative newbie.

There is an icon to click on to calculate required capacitance for a given transformer. Just plug in the 2 key variables 2KVA & 10mA - & it will tell you what resonant capacitance you need. You'll want to take this value & increase it by 50% to help protect your transformer & for other reasons.

Anyway, check you the site. There are significantly more knowledgeable people on this list, so I'd be interested in their assessment of design software on the Deep Fried Neon site. Safe coiling, Dennis Hopkinton MA.

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Its me again. I have looked all over the net for the appropriate equation, but I have not found it.

Can someone tell me what the resonant capacitor would be for a 2KVAC, 10ma transformer, running at 30khz?

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