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Re: Ball Lightning from high-amp discharge

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Hi Dave!
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>  >> The only reference that comes to mind is in CS Notes,
>  >    where he records it as an anomaly, worth of comment."
>  >
>  >     Where in CSN?  I thought I'd seen it there but can't find it now.
>        Pooh.  8)>>
>        I don't know either.  It was mentioned at one of the
>        ITS TeslaCons, possibly '88 and i took the presenter
>        at his word.
>        Its sorta buried in one of the descriptions of one
>        of the test runs & he uses, if i recall, the term
>          Fire Balls
>        I read CSN, but had missed it.  (Its also possible
>        that he did not intend to refer to 'them' as BL, tho
>        others have done so.
>        Has anyone gotten a searchable/on line copy of CSN?
>        (Copyright problems?)
>        best
>   dwp
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  I remember seeing the same "quote" in CSN as well.  I believe it
was late in his stay (Nov. - Dec. Timeframe).  I'll check Hull's book
and my CSN and advise later

Dave Sharpe, TCBOR/HEAS
Chesterfield, VA. USA