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RE: My VTTC fun begins...

Original poster: "Dr. Spark" <azdrspark@xxxxxxx>

This may help in your layout @



good luck!

Dr. Spark

Dr Spark @ http://www.drspark.org

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Original poster: "Cameron B. Prince" <cplists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

 > Dalton, GA hamfest, I believe it's the 25th of Feb. or
 > thereabouts.  Dalton is a small town, but there is
 > usually a huge turnout...with guys representing 17+
 > states usually in attendance and many official
 > vendors.  Always a lot of coiling components to be
 > had.

I may just have to attend this...

 > Well, I'm glad you tested out the variable vacuum cap
 > idea.  I have seen it mentioned on a couple sites, but
 > no real data.  How about a large hv transmitting air
 > variable under oil?

I can't say that I have tried this... Sounds rather bulky and honestly,
should be able to do plenty in the way of tuning with the primary taps
once you get in range with the various other components. It's a trial and
error process or at least it was for me.