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Re: Really big VTTCs--Part II

Original poster: Sparktron01@xxxxxxxxxxx Below is an excellent article on a 50kW push-pull colpitts oscillator for 3.0MV accelerator that is on Hot-streamer. The output transformer (think Tesla resonator secondary) is in an oil filled tank.
I think Terry may have saved this article for us (and posterity...   :^D  )


A mistake in schematic as shown is a (+) jumper is missing from upper RFCp to lower RFCp. Or alternatively use only one Cft, and still connect both RFCp's in parallel with (+) output of 10kV DC
power supply (+ is upper line out of HVPS block as drawn).

Note the modular construction of the panel, and each "tube deck" is identical for ease of repair and maintenance. Also read North's high power microwave transmitter book on Jim Lux's site,
paying particular attention to maintainability section.

This system is about 95% there for a high power VTTC, at least in construction and mechanical

Dave Sharpe, TCBOR/HEAS
Chesterfield, VA USA