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Newbie with a questions

Original poster: mark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I'm new to the tesla coil world and coil winding, I'm currently building a 3"
coil using a 15kv nst.  Anyway I fine on the contruction of everything other
than winding the secondary coil, I've obtained a 3"x27" piece of acrylic pipe,
which has a high sheen to it. Now I've never wound such a large coil, (the
largest was a loo roll tube when I was a kid for a antenna tuner.) Can you
suggest how to go about a fixing the wire for the first turn and how to keep it
in place while winding, special as I'm doing this by hand. My own thoughts are
to rough the acrylic up as to not have a slippery surface, and apply a light
varnish as I go which should go tacky and hold the wire.

Anyway thanks for any suggestions