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Re: Dare to be Square

Original poster: Dan Williams <coilerdude@xxxxxxxxx>

Brett and I sparked up the square secondary again last night, absolutely no corona loss at the corners. I used what wire I had on hand which was a bit stout, the no. of turns is only about 700, I attribute the small spark size to this. I am already planning my next square secondary of about 4-6" square. I have a neverending supply of free lexan sheet so I can afford to play some more.

What I really need is a good source of transformers!


Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Original poster: Dan Williams

I did not get any corona on the corners and I sparked it up before I
coated it with Poly.
I did get allot of primary to secondary strikes at the corners until
I got the coupling right.
My setup consists of a 10000/23 OBIT, a series gap built out of brass
tubes epoxied to a piece of lexan, a top load made of a christmas
wreath form and metal tape. It's ugly but I get 12" + from it so far.

Tesla list wrote:
Original poster: Mike

Way to go Dan!!
So you didn't get corona problems from the corners? I am
surprised, but that's good if you didn't. I don't know if it would
be worth the trouble, but I might try winding one of those basket
weave type coils...or maybe one of the spider web type flat
coils.. I've been checking out crystal radio sites and those guys
seem to think both types increase the Q, probably by reducing the
self capacitance of the coils. I don't know why Tesla coilers don't
experiment more with such ideas. I'm glad to see you are an
'artistic type'.

Well I wound my first secondary last nite, (I am ashamed to say I
bought my first on ebay) I built a 2 1/4" square lexan form and wound
it up in about an hour. At first I got nothing, then I built a new
primary on a 4" form. Once I got the coupling right and got rid of
the NASTY primary to secondary strikes I milked 8" streamers out of it.

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