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Geek Group 1Q-07 Open House

Original poster: "Chris Boden" <cboden@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


The Geek Group is hosting it's quarterly open house this weekend, all are
invited. Of special interest to the coiling community will be the unveiling
of a LARGE new Geek Group project and research tool. :)

Come on down and check out the toys!

Demonstrations on hand will include...

The world's largest Newton's Cradle
Project Gemini (10kVA bipolar coil on permanent public display)
The Tornado Siren
Project Thumper (80,000A/1,600VDC impulse generator)
Several cars from the Geekmobile series.
The Liquid Speaker
Non-Newtonian Fluids
Plus several member's projects and other ongoing development (we keep the
machine shop operational during the event so people can see what we're
working on).

We may or may not have the final safety testing done on the Firetube, so
keep and eye out for it :)


Chris Böden
The Geek Group / Applied Intellect
Because the Geek shall inherit the Earth!