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Re: Weather/coil performance

Original poster: "David Rieben" <drieben@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


I reside in an area with a relatively humid climate,
especially during the summer months (Memphis,
TN), but have still successfully utilized cardboard
"sonotube" for a large secondary coil form without
adverse effects from moisture. My original "Medusa"
Tesla coil used a 12" sonotube for the secondary
form and processed around 8 kVA from a 10 kVA
rated, 14.4 kV PDT. The coil length was only about
39" and I was able to get consistant 8 to 10 ft. sparks
from the complete coil. My "trick" was to allow the
tube to dry in the sun for several hours on a hot sunny
day and then start applying multiple coats of spar
varnish urethane to the naked form before winding any
wire on it. I kept applying coats of urethane until the
cardboard was completely impregnated with it. Then
I wound the wire on it and afterwards applied more
urethane coats over the wire until I could no longer feel
the ridges of the wire. I ran this coil for a few years
w/out a hitch and the only reason it is not now opera-
tional is because I dismantled it.

David Rieben

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> Original poster: Mike <megavolts61@xxxxxxxxx>
> An 'old time trick' for boosting a ground was to bury charcoal,
> or equivalent.  My guess is the environmental impact of
> modest/reasonable amounts of salt is minimal, but charcoal
> (coal, coke (the fuel: not the soft drink.8)>>) also used),
> less impact.
> Dang,  that would spoil a lot of barbeques.   Actually,  didn't Tesla
> somehow have the walls of his ground tunnels 'carbonized'?
> I wonder how fast a 'vulnerable' coil form (Sonotube) reacts
> to huidity.  Lacking measurements, I'd think it would take
> time for 'humidity' to soak in/out.
> I just priced sonotube here....it's a relatively dry climate, so it
> would probably be ok,  but dang....it's expensive for a piece of
> cardboard.    I think I'll hold off and go with pvc, or better yet pe, or
> Mike
> best
>    dwp
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