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Re: WWT2007 Teslathon

Original poster: "resonance" <resonance@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

I dropped by. It was a great Teslathon. Jeff Mullins did some neat physics demos, Dr. Hank ran his coils, Hal of Tucson has a very nice medium size coil sprouting 4 ft sparks. Christopher Hooper had an amazing thermion demo and his large 10 kVA DRSSTC coil fired up 16 footers to start burning paint on the ceiling --- the spark was white hot with loads of current. Chris's horizontal bi-polar coil was really neat with all the internal UV LEDs inside the acrylic parts imparting a surreal light to everything.

A very nice show with a lot of people trying to not freeze as darkness approached on an unusually cold AZ night.

Dr. Resonance

The second anual Winter Western Teslathon was a great success despite the last minute change in venue due to weather. I wish to personally thank those who helped set up and make this year such a success! Hope to see you all again next year!

P.S. Pictures of this year's events should be up on Dr. Spark's web site soon: <mailto:azdrspark@xxxxxxx>azdrspark@xxxxxxx

Best Regards,
Dr. Hankenstein