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Re: Weather/coil performance

Original poster: Mike <megavolts61@xxxxxxxxx>

I would have never thought of. The only thing that
>I wonder about in this scenario is the salt corroding the cop-
>per cladding and ultimately reducing the concuctivity. I think
>the surface of copper is going to eventually oxidize in the
>presence of persistant moisture anyway, though, so the salt
>thing is probably a good idea. I drove (3) 8 ft rods only 4 ft
>apart and interconnected them with heavy braided welding
>cable (1-0 AWG, I think) for the grounding system of my
>Green Monster coil.
That sounds like a decent ground....I got decent(10ft plus) streamers from my 8 in coil using only a 5/16th in copper clad rod stuck about three feet into the ground in this arid rocky soil, as I heard it described lol. Hard to say what's best. The sulfate salts I am considering are themselves not terribly corrosive, but there is a lot of minerals here, including silver, which may indeed cause some galvanic corrosion that I hadn't really thought about. It would just seem that some ionic character of the 'water' in the septic field would add a little conductivity. I certainly would not use chloride salts, but they spray mag chloride on the roads here on the mountain to keep the dust down..

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