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RE: Weather/coil performance

Original poster: Mike <megavolts61@xxxxxxxxx>

You might want to consult Terry F and Paul Nicholson on that. I just saw graphs of Pauls on the effects of humidity, and it seems there is a significant drop in the Q of a coil. I don't remember what the coil form was, so that may have play a part in that. One other thing though, I know that a while ago there was a contest to make the max spark from a high energy ignition coil modified to work as a TC. I believe there was altitude compensation for the results but there was a distinct advantage to spark length as one goes up in altitude. Now maybe small fluctuations in the local pressure doesn't seem noticable, but I imagine there's some effect.

Original poster: "Jared Dwarshuis" <jdwarshuis@xxxxxxxxx>

Hi: Jay

Temperature, humidity and barometric pressure will have little
effect, must be something else. Perhaps your ground connection needs
attention. Are you using a breakout point?

I assume that you are using an NST...........
Get to know the sound that your spark gap makes when it is working
well. When the spark gap starts sounding like a sick bumblbee then
you are not quenching properly and gap adjustment will be needed. It
is also possible to have a gap that is not quenching because of bad
primary tuning, then of course gap adjustment will not cure the

My guess is that you have found the right primary tap point; that
your gap needs adjustment. Beware, large gap settings place heavy
loads on NST, and they are rather fragile.

Sincerely: Jared Dwarshuis

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