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Re: Really big VTTCs

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Hi DC!

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> I'm all ears.
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> Can you suggest a nice surplus tube that would handle 10 kVA at
> around 7.2 kV?
Check Econco and get a 3CX2500H3 induction heating triode.


Even though rated at 2.5kW, with forced air cooling is good for 4kW anode
dissipation and 10kVA to tank.  Rated at 6kV DC, and since is a "concentric"
design tube, may be able to be "debarnacled" to higher hold off voltage.
Peak plate current is very high (order of 10-12A!!!)  Low mu tube and
ultra robust for VTTC service, designed for 10kVA air cooled induction heating

Price tag for a rebuilt tube is < $1k.


Dave Sharpe, TCBOR/HEAS
Chesterfield, VA. USA