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Re: John Freau's Phase Controller

Original poster: FutureT@xxxxxxx In a message dated 1/22/07 12:45:05 AM Eastern Standard Time, tesla@xxxxxxxxxx writes:

You haven't mentioned anything about the variac inductance ... is
this critical, or simply something that you can adjust the cap
around.  John, when you implement the circuit, what sort of
inductance range are you typically using?



I never measured the inductance, but I've used usually a 7.5amp
variac.  I don't think it should be too critical.  But since you
did get the 3 5o 5 volt resonant rise thats' a good sign.
I'm surprised things didn't work better, I have no idea what's
happening.   THe mechanical phase shift will be only about
35 degrees or so, half of the electrical phase shift.