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RE: Weather/coil performance

Original poster: Mike <megavolts61@xxxxxxxxx>

I have heard that old bedspings make for a good ground...just for that reason...surface area. as far as the environmental concerns, I invented a process(that actually went to patent) for making a fertilzer supplement from a mineral mined in New Mexico. I wish I owned the rights to it, but it was a contract research project. This fertilizer was a 'double salt' of potassium and magnesium sulfates. The sulfate ion is very stable and basically inert. The potassium and magnesium BOTH are great for plants, The chlorophyll molecule has magnesium in it. How can these be bad? The copper sulfate is used routinely to clear roots out from sewer lines that have been compromised by roots finding their way through cracks in the pipe. I am hesitant to use copper sulfate for that reason, but the others are fine and actuallly good for the soil.

Original poster: "Anthony R. Mollner" <penny831@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

That doesn't sound very good for the environment. A suggestion for
making an
alternative ground in your conditions it to bury some old junk and
ground to
it. Surface area is the key here. Anything metal would work, like car
or any large hunks of metals. Bolt wire to them and bury them any place
you can.

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