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Re: Weather/coil performance

Original poster: Neal Namowicz <mr_neal@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

I've gotten bit by a couple secondaries in the past, which I thought was
rather odd since they were still connected to ground at the time. I'm
thinking that perhaps it's an electrostatic charge built up on the enameled
outside of the secondary that carries the "bite". (?) Now, before I decide to
touch a secondary that's just been running, I take a grounded wire and go
over the outside of it a bit. (I bend the end over so I'm not scraping the
finish off) Seems to have done the trick for me.


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> Original poster: BunnyKiller <bunnikillr@xxxxxxx>
> Dont know about frozen ground where I live ( New Orleans) but humidity and
> cool air does have a significnt impact upon my coils streamer length.
> Runs in the summer ( 95+ degreees at 90+ humidity) average 10-12 foot long
> streamers
> but in the winter when things are more like 50 degrees at 40% humidity the
> streamers can reach 12 - 15 feet
> also seems that any secondary coil in storage ( quantity of 3) will pick
> up voltages from the running coil more so than during the summer
> conditions...why this is I dont know but I have to be careful when
> handling "offline" secondary coils during winter..  I have been bit by the
> "offline" secondaries after running the bigpig coil in the winter
> months...  I m going to suppose that the lower humidity doesnt offer a
> "leakage" to the ""offline" secondaries...
> another option to consider is that the secondary of the actively used coil
> has a bad tendency to want to "bite" when handling it after a run during
> disassembly more so during the dry colder evenings as compared to the
> summer nights.
> I had the bigpig coil secondary "bite" me on my thigh one time which left
> me on the ground and immobile for a few moments...  now mind you, the coil
> had been off for several minutes and the secondary was totally
> disconnected from the system for 60 or so seconds...  all I can say is
> that a secondary coil will behaive as a capacitor during cold dry
> weather.... :)~
> Scot D