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Re: Undamped oscillations

Original poster: Mike <megavolts61@xxxxxxxxx>

Well, being that that particular patent it title is: Coil For Electromagnets, It is apparent to me, that he never intended this to be a Tesla coil secondary. It could be useful for a primary coil if you don't have the necesary primary capacitance to get your system tuned, and have a limited amount of primary conductor for winding that primary. For the size scale that Tesla built, It was likely that he had a limited amount of primary cable. I seem to recall reading in his CSN, that he would have parallel primary winding and could choose to have them paralleled or connected in bifilar fashion for a particular experiment.

    The patent drawing shows a bifilar spiral coil but I can't find
any further statement about it or of any special properties attributed
to it.
    Bottom line is that in 1894 Tesla apparently thought
self-capacitance was enough of a virtue to patent it.  By 1916 he had
obviously learned otherwise.


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