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Re: Duncan Cadd on Tesla Coils

Original poster: Mike <megavolts61@xxxxxxxxx>

What does the generation and transport of a STATIC DC charge have to do with resonance??? By definition, resonance is a DYNAMIC oscillation whether mechanical or accoustical, or electricomagnetic.....They are nothing alike.

Original poster: westland <westland@xxxxxx>

Yeah, the shooter pic is a bit over the top ... particularly the
graininess; I kind of expect a ransom note with it.
Why don't you buy his idea that resonance plays the role of the VdG
belt, and is what transports the tesla coil's charge up to the topload?
Just curious, since the total voltage up there is proportional to the
square root of the ration of the secondary capacitance to the primary
capacitance, his explanation is an attractive fit with the specs of a
VdG generator.


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