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Re: Weather/coil performance

Original poster: Terrell Fritz <terrellfone@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


Sontube and other cardboard tubes will have much higher loss in humid weather. That might decrease spark length roughly 20%. Plastics should not be affected.

But I think the original poster was seeing practically NO spark output. Unless the secondary was covered in ice or dripping wet, humidity or temperature effects alone would not explain a total loss of spark output.

Since everyone uses poly caps, capacitor temperature drift would be tiny too and would not explain the problem.



At 09:37 PM 1/19/2007, you wrote:
Original poster: BunnyKiller <bunnikillr@xxxxxxx>

Dont know about frozen ground where I live ( New Orleans) but humidity and cool air does have a significnt impact upon my coils streamer length.

Runs in the summer ( 95+ degreees at 90+ humidity) average 10-12 foot long streamers but in the winter when things are more like 50 degrees at 40% humidity the streamers can reach 12 - 15 feet

also seems that any secondary coil in storage ( quantity of 3) will pick up voltages from the running coil more so than during the summer conditions...why this is I dont know but I have to be careful when handling "offline" secondary coils during winter.. I have been bit by the "offline" secondaries after running the bigpig coil in the winter months... I m going to suppose that the lower humidity doesnt offer a "leakage" to the ""offline" secondaries...

another option to consider is that the secondary of the actively used coil has a bad tendency to want to "bite" when handling it after a run during disassembly more so during the dry colder evenings as compared to the summer nights.

I had the bigpig coil secondary "bite" me on my thigh one time which left me on the ground and immobile for a few moments... now mind you, the coil had been off for several minutes and the secondary was totally disconnected from the system for 60 or so seconds... all I can say is that a secondary coil will behaive as a capacitor during cold dry weather.... :)~

Scot D